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Protect your homes entire electrical system with a Whole Home Surge Protection system.

   The best time to start thinking about surge protection is before a storm.  Storms can create power fluctuations which can cause instability in the voltage within the electrical service of your home.  This can be seen when your lights start flickering or dimming.  Minor voltage fluctuations happen all the time, even on sunny days.  If the fluctuation is severe enough it can damage equipment and devices connected to your electrical system.  This risk could also happen if a generator malfunctions while on backup power.  This can place a homeowner in a tough situation as it can damage your furnace, air Conditioner and hot water tank.  It can also damage TVs, cell phones and laptops if left charging in an outlet.  Imagine having to call your insurance broker to make a claim on replacing ALL of your home appliances!  Keep in mind that if a severe storm caused a surge, it may be difficult to book a contractor to service your appliances.  Consider a situation where your furnace becomes damaged due to a surge and stops producing heat.  This has happened.

What level of surge protection do I need?

To provide a basic level of surge protection it is advised that important electronic devices be placed on a surge rated power bar.  It would also be advised to consider getting a UPS which offers you battery backup.  This prevents your connected device from crashing due to a power outage.  It would also enable you to charge a low battery cell phone in case of a emergency.  A good example of this is a computer that is left on during a power outage.  When the power cuts out the hard-drive can become damaged.  Placing a PC on battery backup allows you to properly shut down and unplug the PC.  Therefore preventing the hard-drive from crashing and corrupting data.

Is there a specific time when I should add surge protection?

Consider adding Whole Home Surge Protection with a panel service visit or with your next renovation project.  This device can be added to virtually any electrical panel.  It is considered one of the most affordable electrical protection investments that you can make. 

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