Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm replacement

smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

Have you checked your smoke and carbon monoxide alarm lately?

Having a working Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm is a important device in protecting your home, business and its occupants. While many people will test and change the battery once a year it is sometimes forgotten that the alarm device itself has an expiry period and requires replacement.

Why changing you smoke and Carbon monoxide alarm is important

Over the lifetime of the detection device, dust can accumulate within the alarm, decreasing its effectiveness or if severe enough cause the alarm inoperable.

When to use dust covers

In a particular harsh environment such as during the construction phase of a renovation. Protective covers should be used during activities such as painting, varnishing and dry-walling. Ambient air can contain chemical fumes and small dust particles that can contaminate and give off false alarms. This is why it is imperative to place dust covers over all the alarm devices when undertaking construction projects.

When to remove smoke alarm dust covers

Products manufactured by Kidde state to wait at least 24 hours after all construction has been completed before removing the dust cover. Removing the dust cover will allow the alarm to operate.

Smoke and CO alarm recommendations

I like using the pro series by kidde as they are rated for a 10 year service life and uses AA batteries for backup which are quick and easy to access from the front of the device.

The feature image pictured at the start of this article shows a smoke and CO alarm that is direct wire and can be interconnected with the rest of the alarms in your home or business. It is also quick to react to hazards and can differentiate between false alarms.

When should I replace my smoke and carbon monoxide alarm?

The best time to replace all the alarms in your home is when one is not working or past its expiry period. The expiry period varies between manufactures and products but the majority are rated for 5 to 7 years. You can find this information by reading the label on the device. If your smoke detector has a yellowing color to the plastic, It can be assumed that it is well over due for replacement.

How much does it cost to change a smoke alarm?

Changing a smoke detector is inexpensive. There is no need to wait for a store sale. Green Electric & Automation can provide and install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms at competitive pricing. However if you prefer the do-it-yourself approach you can purchase a battery only alarm and install it easily with a few simple hand tools.

In case’s where all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms need to be changed and are hardwired. We can install a smoke and carbon monoxide detector for around the same cost you would typically pay to purchase in a retail store. This is assuming that it is a direct replacement and no new wiring is needed.

A working smoke and carbon monoxide detector saves lives!

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