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The following page contains frequently asked questions – FAQ.

Why is getting a electrical permit important?

It is proof that the work has been deemed safe and completed in a manor that meets electrical standards. If you choose to later sell a home or business a electrical permit establishes confidence and value to the buyer by meeting electrical code requirements.

ESA 2020 Electrical wiring fee guide

Does everything require a electrical permit?

No. There are some instances where a permit is not required. If you are a Do it yourself type of person you can visit ESA’s website for more information on “what needs a permit”.

Is there any unique services you offer for business?

We are a full service electrical contractor. We serve residential, commercial, farm and industrial clients.

What are your hourly rates?

Our hourly rate is charged out at $65.00 CAD per hour. However when quoting a job we assign labor units to reflect the time needed to complete a job. The labor unit fluctuates depending on the difficulty of the job or the service required. This means if the job is relatively simple in nature less labor units will be applied, where as a more difficult job will require more labor units.

Is work covered by insurance?

Sometimes we are contacted by our customers needing electrical work completed to stay compliant with their insurance policy. This can be for a variety of reasons but usually its needed for safety and to prevent future insurance claims for the same defect occurrence.

Do you work weekends?

We try to avoid weekend work but breakdowns don’t take days off. This is why we offer an on-call Emergency electrical Service. If contacted by phone leave a voice message or text message.

Do you offer reminder calls for appointments?

We can offer a text or call reminder at your request.

Do I need to be present if I require electrical maintenance?

Although you may not have to be present, the equipment and its associated devices must be accessible (ex. doors must not be locked or parked vehicles are blocking access to equipment). This allows workers access to properly troubleshoot and repair electrical equipment. If the project requires electrical inspection, someone may need to be present to allow access to equipment if it is otherwise a restricted area.

I’m concerned about the safety of my home and family. Do you have all required licenses?

Of course. Green Electric & Automation has:

  • liability insurance
  • WSIB
  • electrical contractors licence
  • and has a master electrician on staff

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