Green Electric & Automation is a full-service electrical contractor. 


Our Electricians Specialize in Automation Integrating and Electrical installations for your home and business. 



Electrical services we provide are:

Electrical maintenance and Renovations,

Equipment installations, Machine wiring and  

Automation controls integrating.


One of our most popular Residential and Commercial offerings is in our leading edge lighting and controls solutions. 

At your request, we can install energy efficient occupancy controls, timers, dimmers and smart phone enabled switching devices to maximize convenience, security or to improve energy savings to areas not frequently used.

Super slim recessed L.E.D light fixtures


Super slim recessed L.E.D light fixtures

- Fixture housing type is IC rated, no extra junction box is required

- wiring connections made in included external driver box. 

Can be Installed in even the tightest and hardest-to-reach places in your home. 

Including attics, closets, bathrooms, kitchens, basements, soffits, garages, hallways, stairwells and other areas that would have been impossible with traditional recessed pot lights (aka; light cans).

- Available in sizes 2", 3", 4" and 6".

- Air tight and wet location approved (soffits & bathrooms)

- Dimmable with most CL dimmers (120V input only)

- 120v, 277v and 347v input voltage options

- 10 year residential warranty, 5 year commercial warranty.

- savings from high labor costs, LED Lights provide long-lasting lighting power, leading to lower energy bills.

-various model types and designs; economy, ultimate, and gimbal


More great lighting options we install:

- Under cabinet lighting,

- Suspended ceiling office lighting,

- Parking lot lighting,

- L.E.D high bay warehouse lighting. 



We work on many different types and brands of Electrical Panels

- Industrial Machine control panels: Relay logic, PLC and HMI, Motor and safety controls, Main distribution wiring.

- Residential Loadcentre 100 and 200 amp breaker fuse panels,

- Manual Transfer Switches and Generator sub-panels,

- Farm control panels.



Combination Service Entrance Loadcentre Generator Panels

- Single enclosure to house both loadcentre and generator breakers.  Utility breaker and generator breakers are mechanically interlocked to protect equipment and personnel by preventing dangerous dual-source feeding.

- Available in 100 and 200 amp designs.

- Rated for indoors, CSA approved.

- Provides the home owner or a small business the ability to safely startup a generator and restore power when utility power is not available.

- Utilize essential loads during a power outage through permanently interlocked breakers to allow for quick and convenient switching from utility power to stand-by generator power.

- Ideal for new or loadcentre replacement installations

- Increase comfort and safety during extreme weather conditions causing power interruptions.

- Prevent financial loss due to: sump pump power failure, food spoilage, livestock care necessities, loss of income from business closure, 



Our Industrial, Commercial and Farm clients depend on their equipment and machinery to produce a income and cover expenses.  Sometimes due to a serviceable lifespan or damage, electrical components will require replacement or refurbishing.  This is why we offer a Motor Maintenance Service.  Corrective maintenance of faulty parts or complete motor replacement and controls refurbishment is available.  Just contact us with your specs or schedule a maintenance request and we'll take care of the rest. 



Whatever your scenario, project or schedule, we will work with you to provided you the best solution.  We offer on site consultation and estimating to help with the planning portion of your project.  This will ensure smooth integration and productivity.  


Give us a call or navigate our website to find out how we can provide our services to you.


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